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DENTAL CROWN: What is Dental Crown ?

Dental crown is one of the most common procedures to protect tooth surface and restore its functionality. Commonly known as cap or covering above tooth surface. The crown word is given as it is placed above tooth head.

If there is any question in your mind for Dental Crowns, our specialist Dr. Anjali Deswal is giving a list of most common questions asked about dental crowns. We hope we will be able to handle all your queries, if not feel free to contact us on 9582579512 or visit us at Rohini Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Center, our specialist will be guiding you properly about all your queries.

1.    When does a tooth need a crown?

a.    Dental crown is used to close space between teeth

b.    Dental crown is used to restore a poorly shaped teeth, discolored or broken teeth. All these can be repaired with a dental crown.

c.     In case of restoration of aesthetics in anterior region dental crown can be used. A lot of dental crown variety available these days can be used to restore aesthetics in the anterior region, like zirconia crowns that are considered the best in aesthetics.

d.    After a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT, it is always recommended to protect tooth structure as it gets brittle after RCT, especially posterior teeth that bears occlusal force.

Dental crown help in protecting these teeth from fracturing. The strength of teeth after root canal treatment is said to be reduced by 60 percent. Our dental crown helps filling that gap in strength and hence protect teeth from fracturing thus, elongating life of the teeth. However a lot depends upon the quality of crown used and marginal seal that crown provides. We will be discussing various types of crown in detail in coming sections.

e.     When cavity involves multiple sides of the tooth, then dental crown is the treatment of choice. Cavity eat away tooth structure, hence causing a structure that is prone to fracture, moreover restoring tooth becomes difficult, or we can say giving it the ideal shape and size is sometimes difficult of the gross decay of the structure as dental fillings are not that strong to with hold the occlusion forces when no wall support are present. In these cases dental crown can help by protection it from all sides.

f.      DENTAL IMPLANT are also covered by a dental crown to start functioning. They help in transmitting the force to the dental implant.

g.     Crowns are also used to attach bridge. When a tooth is missing and any crowns are combined together to attach two adjacent teeth, it is called as dental bridge as shown in picture below.

1.    What is a crown?

A dental crown is a replacement made artificially that restores aesthetics and function like of a natural tooth. It replaces the missing teeth structure. It can only be placed and removed by a professional dentist. It increases the strength of the tooth and protect it from fracturing.


2.    How long the dental crown last? How should I take care of dental crown?


It depends on the oral hygiene, healthy gums and tooth structure, fitting of the dental crown, which material it is made up off, and most importantly what is the status of adjacent teeth structure. If maintained properly it can last for many many years without any problem. The good thing is it protect tooth from fracturing.


3.    What material are dental crown made of?

There are a few commonly used materials available:-

   Ceramic crown :ceramic crown are Metal free crown that has high strength, excellent esthetics, and biocompatible properties. They offer the best in class aesthetics. They are rigid and have sufficient strength to with hold occlusal forces. In case of anterior region involvement it can be the best solution, also the black lines that were visible in case of pfm crowns can be masked or practically will not be there. They are a success in long term both in term of esthetics and longetivity.

PFM ( Procelain fused to metal crown) :- they are excellent in strength and longetivity. The metal beneath porcelain offers a good marginal seal and hence lasts longer than any other crown. Because of metal beneath porcelain they offer strength and because of porcelain they are esthetically better than metal crown.

Metal crown:- gold crown and stainless steel crown are called metal crowns. Because of poor esthetics there use is limited but they offer excellent strength. And in cases with less spacethey are sometimes best suitable. Gold crown were used to be a status symbol in earlier times, but there use has been limited these days.

 1.    How dental crowns are fixed to the teeth?

Dental crowns are fixed with cements. Different kind of material is used for different type of crown. Recent advancement has created excellent cements that with hold the crown so tightly so as to prevent it from falling.

 2.    Do dental crown become noticeable?

They look nearly natural depending on material used. The cheaper the material is used the poor is the aesthetics. With the recent advancement in technology, a tooth can be divided into nine parts and each part can have different shade. These are like Emax crowns. 

 3.    How long it takes to fix a dental crown?

If specifically we talk about dental crown they take 2-4 visits only. These visits can be in 3-4 working days depending of material used and lab which is making crown.


4.    What prepration is required before a dental crown appointment?

As dental crown procedure is pain free there is no specific preparation.

This Article is written by Dr. Anjali Deswal, Dr. Shikha Rathore and Dr. Kapil Saroha for general public. For detailed enquiry or any consultation please feel free to visit our clinic ROHINI DENTAL CLINIC